Mission, Vision & Objectives

Synthesized into principles of governance, the Ramos vision and leadership, as exemplified in six years of effective management of the government of the Republic of the Philippines has inspired the establishment of RPDEV. With capable and dedicated professionals who jointly worked in the world- renowned turn- around of the country, RPDEV aims to contribute to bring about the "good life" for democratic societies through a culture of excellence and global competitiveness. 

As an intellectual resource for public policy makers, private sector leaders, and individual citizens in the collective effort of nation building by developing and adopting democratic principles, institutions and processes, the Foundation aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • In the Philippines, RPDEV will initiate research and analysis that seek ways to strengthen these institutions, level the playing field of competition, give ordinary people a stake in the country's development, and promote a capitalism that cares for those whom growth leaves behind; and,

  • In the region, RPDEV will promote mutual security, common understanding, and regional cooperation; and initiate and support studies that seek to build mutual confidence and trust among Asia-Pacific countries, promote economic interdependence, and push forward the process of cooperative prosperity.