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Launching of FVR's Sermons Book 4



The Ramos Peace and Development Foundation (RPDEV) and the Manila Bulletin will launch Volume 4 of Bulletin of FVR's Sermons, on 25 November 2009 (Wednesday) at 4:00 p.m. at the Champagne Salon at the Manila Hotel.  Concerned citizens, sectoral leaders, diplomats, academics, business groups, youth representatives, journalists and other advocates of good governance are cordially invited.


This fourth volume of FVR's selected Sunday columns in the Manila Bulletin covers a 12-month period from July 2008 to June 2009.  This book is being released as RPDEV's special 10th anniversary edition.  As with all other FVR/RPDEV books, this compilation forms part of a core-set of books, magazines and other writings on contemporary Philippine affairs and Asia-Pacific and global issues which are being donated to libraries, universities and entities here and abroad.  To this date, more than 800 beneficiaries have received these publications under RPDEV's "Book Donation Program".


FVR has been regularly writing a Sunday column for the Manila Bulletin since 08 May 2005 (and according to Bulletin's Editor-in-Chief Cris Icban, Jr., has never missed a deadline).  The first 3 volumes entitled : "Raising the National Spirit"; "Empowering the People" and "Unity, Solidarity and Teamwork" have likewise been published jointly by RPDEV and Manila Bulletin over the past three years.


The underlying theme of Volume IV is "On Board the Philippine Ship - Filipinos Together." Elaborating on this timely aspiration, FVR said :


"During the critical time of our country's history, so close to the 2010 national elections and in the midst of twin natural catastrophies caused by two successive Super-Typhoons Ketsana/Ondoy and Parma/Pepeng on top of the on-going global recession, the messages herein aim to remind all Filipinos, including the unborn, that we are all on board one and only one ship -- that is the Republic of the Philippines Ship."


"Regardless of political affiliation, ethnic origin, religious faith or socio-economic status - each and every member of our huge, extended Filipino family of 92,000,000 should work more closely together in order to keep our ship sea-worthy, competitive and fast-moving, and attain, without further reversals, a better Philippine future."


          With the same characteristics candidness and "write it as I see it" approach on significant issues, the new volume -- which also carries FVR's stinging commentaries, as well as rebuffs of and call to action upon public officials concerned -- will be an interesting read.  Some of the columns which received overwhelming positive feedbacks are included in the new book, such as : "SONA: Wish List, Gift List, Hit List or Legacy?"; "RP Ship of State Heading for Sulpicio Fate?"; Needed : Philippine Independence from Bad Government and Poverty"; and ‘Unsolicited Advice for Leaders/Presidentiables".

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